February’s Fabulous Offer And Where To Find It


‘13’ is lucky for all of you, not just those born on the 13th!

 We bet you’ve asked yourself countless times ‘why would I need a Company like pHReedom HR when I can get all the advice I need ‘FREE’ from ACAS, the FSB, or the Internet’. Well why indeed?

The simple answer is ‘free’ is only really valuable to your business if you understand the ‘law’, and Employment law is as complex as all other laws. Dealing with performance issues, absenteeism, and other serious misdemeanours can be daunting and unnerving, so by nature we are often tempted to leave things…but guess what? They rarely get better, they generally only get worse!

At pHReedom, you can regularly hear us say ‘ah, but there’s always two sides to every story, and somewhere in the middle is the truth’. It can sometimes be difficult detaching yourself from the situation and explaining the circumstances can be very emotive, and as a consequence, we don’t always communicate exacting facts [of the situation].

Face to face, human contact is by far and away an effective methodology for problem solving and as such, our services extend beyond a ‘telephone helpline’. For those businesses who live ‘local’ to our offices, you can pop in and speak to us, and for those who do not, we will come to you.

Although our services are not ‘free’, we would like to offer you a ‘one’ month complimentary service*. February’s Fabulous Offer is limited to between the 6th and 26th February 2017 and will not be offered again this year.

For further details and to take advantage of February’s Fabulous Offer, please call 01764 654994, or email

We look forward to hearing from you.

 *Terms and Conditions apply.



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