Mediation Service Complimentary Limited Offer

We are delighted to announce that pHReedom HR Ltd will be working with ACOSVO and in so doing, has offered up ‘two’ Complimentary Mediation Sessions to the Voluntary Sector.

To find out more, please contact us directly or click the link below.


“Confront the Past and Value the Future”

We would love to say that everyone gets on supremely well all of the time but sadly this would be  wrong because ‘conflict and disagreement’ is an inevitable consequence of overarching personalities within the workplace.

Conflict can affect us in a variety of different ways. Mental health is a common recipient of ‘conflict’ whether direct or indirect. Certain employees are more susceptible to the nuances of politicking and disagreement, organisational change or re-structuring. Each can create different levels of anxieties and tensions borne out of uncertainty and individual coping mechanisms. Everyone has a different coping strategy with some more robust than others.

pHReedom Mediation is a professional and alternative approach to settling clashes and differences between individuals in the workplace. We believe it is multidimensional because it has the capacity to deal with many different types of conflict and disputes. pHReedom Mediation is flexible in construct because all you need is a safe, private and confidential room and the willingness of the parties to seek resolution.

Simply put Mediation is quick and efficient, less adversarial and far less emotionally damaging for those involved in disputes because there is no arbitrary force. Research tells us that most users report a 75 to 80% success rate and would therefore use the process again.

Mediation is cost effective because it is not bound by bureaucracy and endless paperwork. The process to conflict resolution is owned by your staff and not by you or your pHReedom Mediator so there is a genuine desire to achieve an outcome and to resolve the breakdown, which has occurred. It is not therefore an ‘order’ imposed by another.

No one likes disharmony so don’t let long drawn out anarchy or disputes spoil great teamwork, customer service, revenue and profitability when Mediation can help put you and your disputants back on track.

With a qualified Mediator on our team you can be assured you and your disputants will be in safe hands.

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pHReedom HR Ltd is registered with the Scottish Mediation Network

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