'If we can’t fulfil a promise then we won’t make one'

pHReedom HR

With a passion for HR and getting things right pHReedom HR is more than ‘just a telephone helpline’ we offer ‘no’ nonsense, realistic practical location specific support whenever and wherever you need it. 

pHReedom HR will provide you with a full spectrum of HR services including Employment Law Advice, Employment Tribunal Representation, Absence and Performance Management, Contracts of Employment, Policies, Procedures and Recruitment and Selection, Conciliation, Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

What is pHReedom HR

pHReedom HR is ‘exceptional’ because the service and more importantly our monthly payment scheme is distinct from other similar and likeminded businesses.

pHReedom HR is a unique service offering a full range of Human Resource services  without all the associated costs to those businesses who are too small to justify another cost to their business and genuinely can’t afford a HR professional.

pHReedom HR offers you and your business maximum flexibility.

pHReedom HR is practical, straightforward and commercially realistic.

pHReedom HR is your service and more importantly your choice.

pHReedom HR is an innovative service, which allows clients to pick and choose any Human Resources service they want whenever they want it all for as little as *£60.00 per month.

pHReedom HR will  automatically provide you with ‘Online’ Policies and Procedures which will automatically be updated so you are always compliant with the law.

HR Professionals in business having the pHReedom to tap into our HR consultancy services as and when they need additional support.

pHReedom HR gives you the option of one of our HR Team Members being in your business at the front line, where it matters, right by your side, every time and every step of the way.

pHReedom HR extends to include many other HR services

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