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Absence and Performance

According to PwC the annual cost of sickness absence in the United Kingdom has risen to 29 billion with British workers taking four times as many sick days as their global counterparts.

We know and understand the disruption absence causes but we also know the importance of having the right practices in place to deal with both sickness, other absences and performance.

‘It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver’
Mahatma Gandhi

It is imperative that you have robust and defensible Policies and Procedures in place to deal with Capability, Underperformance and Ill health whether short or long term, intermittent or sporadic pHReedom HR can and help you to do this.

  • pHReedom HR will ensure you have a thorough cast iron Policy and Procedure to deal with Capability
  • pHReedom HR will help you manage the process by being with you every step of the way if you find yourself in the depths of a difficult situation, we aren’t just a voice on the end of a telephone helpline
  • pHReedom HR means one of our team compiling letters on your behalf in order to deal with the issue or circumstance you find yourself in
  • pHReedom HR means having the flexibility to let us organise everything for you. We’ll write to and arrange Occupational Health appointments, arrange Access to Medical Record Forms for signature, arrange and deal with GP or Consultant letters or appointments and general deal with all the paperwork and actions required
  • pHReedom HR gives you multiple choices; we can guide you and allow you to deal with the situation yourself or we can accompany you to meetings and even home visits if you want or need us to

According to the CIPD absences of 8 days or more accounts for one third of total absence

  • pHReedom HR means we’ll carry out Medical Risk Assessments for you
  • pHReedom HR means we will make sure you have robust and defensible medical action and return to work plans
  • pHReedom HR problem solves whilst ensuring you comply with the law
  • pHReedom HR will give you options not a fait accompli

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