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Employment Tribunals

You may believe there was ‘Just Cause’ for the dismissal of your employee but the person themselves may wish to attempt to prove otherwise and in so doing these things can be very costly to your business despite the imposed fee now placed upon Claimants.

Conciliation Process

We appreciate this can be a very worrying time for you and your business if you are faced with an ET1 which is part of the paperwork you will receive if the case proceeds beyond conciliation which lasts for 28 days. A case cannot proceed further until the Claimant has exhausted the conciliation process and is in receipt of a certificate which permits the next stage of the procedure.

Professional Representation

Working closely with our professional associate Alison Forsyth a highly sort after and reputable Employment Law Consultant, pHReedom HR will give you the benefit of Alison’s expertise and professional representation before the Employment Tribunal if your case is not settled.

If you are faced with an Employment Tribunal claim we will ensure you are taken care of every step of the way.

  • pHReedom HR will take control of the situation from the outset dealing with all relevant personnel on your behalf including the Claimants Representative.
  • pHReedom HR will ensure you are given the right legal and professional advice.
  • pHReedom HR will give you peace of mind.
  • pHReedom HR will see through every case from inception to cessation.
  • pHReedom HR ensures all and any Employment Tribunal paperwork including the ET3 is completed and returned on your behalf.
  • pHReedom HR will deal with witnesses and witness statements and the Bundle of Particulars should the case proceed to a full hearing.
  • pHReedom HR will deal with ACAS on your behalf

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