'Setting your passion free makes your dreams a reality'


pHReedom Recruitment is ‘matchless’ because our monthly payment scheme and exclusive charging model means you don’t lose out and more importantly this elite style of charging is to our knowledge truly ‘one of a kind’.

The direct cost of getting recruitment wrong is vast with the opportunity costs of repeating the process equally beyond measure. It is therefore vitally important to get it right from the outset so that we attract, develop and inspire the right people.

Working with clients across the country pHReedom Recruitment specialises in Hospitality and HR Recruitment. We have an impressive portfolio of clients operating in the premier five star, four star deluxe and select boutique hotel markets. We also work with exclusive use venues, high end contract catering, fine dining restaurants and award winning golf and leisure businesses.

With a proven track record and our combined HR careers spanning more than 45 years our unique experience within Human Resources and Recruitment means we are able to quickly assimilate our clients requirements so you are assured of our undivided commitment to work tirelessly to make positive things happen for you.

  • pHReedom Recruitment has individual packages to suit you
  • pHReedom Recruitment is like having your own In-House Resourcing Partner
  • pHReedom Recruitment is knowing you are in truly capable hands working with people who have actually worked in the luxury hotel Industry both operationally and in recruitment and HR
  • pHReedom Recruitment is knowing you have HR people searching for likeminded seasoned professionals
  • pHReedom Recruitment is about us effectively managing the process start to finish even offering you the option of having us join you in the final selection process