Fantastic February For pHReedom

Fantastic February! pHReedom HR has enjoyed marking a significant milestone in the life and development of the business this week.

We have seen the completion of two key projects which began life way back in September 2015. Undeniably we have to confess that there have been frustrations and obstacles aplenty along the way however on Friday this week everything happily came together. Neither of these projects would have been possible without the fantastic support and talent of our development partners, Digital Scotland and one extraordinarily supportive customer.

Our first project was the creation of our Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

As a Resourcing Specialist it was proving to be increasingly difficult to keep track of all the candidates and the various stages of progress using only spreadsheets and paper! Working in close partnership with our web design specialist at ‘Unavoided’ to map out and design a solution dedicated to us and the pHReedom Brand we now have a beautifully crafted bespoke system which delivers all that we need  – at present. With a wary eye to the future we have been careful to also build in the opportunity to enable us to add enhancements and functionality as we continue to grow the Resourcing side of our business.

Our second project was the creation of our pHReedom Recruitment video.

This has been an altogether more emotional journey combining many a hilarious moment or two. Our objective was to deliver a short video which succinctly conveyed not only our resourcing services, but provided an essence of our approach to delivery and underlying values. Given how modest Annie and I tend to be in regards our own abilities we felt it more appropriate to showcase our services from the perspective of the Employer for whom we acted and the Candidate whom we placed. We are both humbled and grateful for their respective endorsements and delighted by the end result of the completed video.

Johnston Media have indeed done us proud, even if the footage of the live swan did cause one or two issues!

For anyone considering working in partnership with us on a Resourcing or Career Progression basis we hope you like, and enjoy, the results of our labours – although I doubt very much that I can expect a call from Hollywood anytime soon…

We are proud to share our video with you here:

In celebration of the completion of both these projects we have decided to launch a ‘pHReedom February Fantastic’ incentive:

The 100th Candidate to register with us via the new ATS and be successfully placed in a new role* will receive £200 of retail vouchers of their choice.

We look forward to working in partnership with you in the near future.

(*Terms & Conditions apply)

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