Harmonious Partnerships Create Freedom

Who We Are

Unpretentious we are precise and unambiguous, straightforward and genuine, honest and reliable. A ‘swan’ is sacred and protected so we guarantee to help safeguard your business by giving you the ‘freedom’ to use the full range of services we offer, at a price to suit your budget in order to build a long lasting partnership with you and your business

Located in the heart of the beautiful Strathearn Valley we consider ourselves uniquely placed to help our contemporaries across the UK and Ireland. With an unwavering disposition and bond between our countries we share a union which is unequivocal.

Coast to coast, we have access to an excellent road net work and other services. Surrounded by spectacular scenery and an abundance of world famous attractions, fabulous traditional companies and many and varied rural businesses we are ideally situated in Scotland’s ‘heartland’ to serve you all.

Our Team

With a small team of highly trained individuals who have a wealth of knowledge and over 45 years combined Human Resources experience you can be sure the service you receive is credible and trustworthy, sincere and reliable, robust and defensible.

We know and understand the challenges facing many employers today whether this is difficulty filling a senior management vacancy or dealing with an arduous situation which is daunting and demanding, complex and confusing. Our primary aim is to try and make life as easy and as cost effective as we possibly can for other employers and out counterparts in business.

Our Services

pHReedom HR will provide you with a full spectrum of HR services including Employment Law Advice, Employment Tribunal Representation, Absence and Performance Management, Contracts of Employment, Policies, Procedures and Recruitment and Selection, Conciliation, Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

With a passion for HR and getting things right the team at pHReedom HR are more than ‘just a telephone helpline’ we offer ‘no’ nonsense, realistic practical support whenever and wherever you need it.