Harmonious Relationships Create Freedom

Our Values

Our core values are the guiding principles which define us as a business and which govern our actions. 

Our Aims

  • Ensure you get the right advice and service you deserve every time you need it
  • Help you to keep your business on track
  • Offer you guidance, advice and support whenever you need it, wherever suits you best no matter what the circumstances
  • Establish a long term relationship built on sincerity and partnership, honesty, and integrity, trust and fidelity, professionalism and credibility
  • Create freedom and harmony

We pride ourselves on being uniquely different from our competitors in Human Resources and Recruitment. Unpretentious we won’t scare you if you have a problem and we won’t promise you what we can’t deliver.

Service Values

pHReedom is about ‘sharing the load and freeing your time’ and we do this by:

  • Being precise and unambiguous, straightforward and genuine
  • Ensuring joint financial and fiscal prudence and being commercially realistic
  • Ensuring you get the right advice and service you deserve every time you need it
  • Having decency and forming relationships built on mutual respect trust and fidelity
  • Ensuring our team and our service is reliable and responsive, resourceful and rewarding
  • Truly understanding you have the freedom to choose to stay with us or to fly the coop if we fail to deliver, pHReedom is your service and more importantly your choice
  • Having empathy, being open and honest, ethical, loyal and trustworthy
  • Caring about our diversity, community, the environment and everyone we come in to contact with
  • Being innovative and distinct ensuring we make a difference